Mike Schreiner consults with Kathleen Wynne

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But first, having been mislead in the past by the word “merge” used to describe a system which retains Roman Catholic privilege, you were all advised to cast suspicion on the word.  But the Green Party is using the word “merge” in their policy for one school system.  Therefore, for the benefit of all, I asked for clarification of the Green Party’s use of the word “merge”.  The clarification follows, then read on for Mike Schreiner’s visit with Kathleen Wynne.

Hello Mr. Patterson,

We use the word “merge” because it’s the shortest way to explain it quickly to the general public. But in the details (which I agree are important) this is what we support:

  • Public      funding for secular schools only.
  • Within      that secular system we would allow for only two school boards systems: one      english, one french.
  • No      religious organization would have any role in the administration of school      boards.
  • This      policy still allows for any religion to create their own private school –      as some faiths currently do today.

We’ll need to keep using the word “merge” with the general public because otherwise people might un-intentionally start to think we’re going to “close Catholic schools” – when in reality those schools would simply flip to the public school board, etc. It’s important that people never worry about whether or not their local school will close.

As a party we just reaffirmed our position at the last annual general meeting. The full policy statement is here:     http://www.gpo.ca/sites/gpo.ca/files/policy-book/current/ch08.html


Kevin O’Donnell    Deputy Leader, Green Party of Ontario

Now read Green Party leader Mike Schreiner’s message below.  If you follow the link, you will find that the FIRST of his three requests was for ONE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. 

Dear Friend

Together, our party has achieved another milestone.

Yesterday, I met with the Premier to deliver our priorities for this year’s budget.

Over the past weeks, you shared with me your top budget priorities. These formed the basis of my three requests of the Premier: merge the school boards, save the Experimental Lakes Area, and fund transit properly.   http://www.gpo.ca/statement/schreiner-delivers-strong-message-change-historic-meeting-premier

We are making a difference. That we were asked for the first time to meet with the Premier shows our voice is strong and can no longer be ignored.

Now imagine what it would mean to have a Green MPP at Queen’s Park. We could raise important issues every day. We could introduce and amend legislation. We could make your concerns the concerns of everyone in this province. 

I want to be the first of many Green MPPs at Queen’s Park. You can make that happen. Please donate today to our campaign fund

I promise to keep speaking up for you every chance I get.


Mike Schreiner

Leader,  Green Party of Ontario

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