Liz Sandals and Publicly Funded Catholic Schools

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Wednesday 8, May 2013     Posted on May 7, 2013  by  Veronica    Canadian Atheist

The Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association are busy wooing and warning ministers in the Ontario Liberal government.

Ontario’s Catholic teachers have asked Finance Minister Charles Sousa for freedom from restraints on the way they run their schools and   The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association 31-page pre-budget brief to Sousa also warns the government away from any temptation to amalgamate school boards or eliminate publicly funded Catholic education.

The continued and discriminatory public funding of Catholic schools in Ontario allows Catholic school teachers and administrators to be demanding and arrogant. Imagine, they are issuing a warning to the government, but they don’t say what would happen if the government does decide to defund or amalgamate Catholic schools.

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