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2017 – Fall - #121

           Results of “The Vector Poll TM on Public Opinion in Ontario” are highlighted to show overwhelming support for one public school system.  A transcript of a straight-forward interview with Charles Pascal covers two pages.  The question of affordability of the separate systems is also posed.

2017 – Spring - #120
          The Human Rights Tribunal has mediated a settlement with the Sorgini family, which is confidential.  However there are some “Public Interest Remedies” of consequence.   The Toronto Star wrote an exclusive article on our partner – OPEN – which caused a flurry of activity in the media – radio, TV, and newspapers. 

2017 – Winter - #119
           CRIPE has partnered with “OPEN” for One Public Education Now.  There is renewed interest in the elimination of public funds for religious education in Alberta.   The Fraser Institute’s finding that Constitutional protection of Catholic education in Ontario is not an impediment to reform.  There is further opinion by Steve Paikin on electoral strategy plus recognition of the Canadian human rights hero – Viola Desmond.

2016 – Fall - #118
           On the front page is a description of the process involved with making a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal when one has been adversely affected by another party.  The body of the newsletter highlights the efforts of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation through their Charter For Public Education in Ontario  along with an interesting website for the Fix Our Schools organization.

2016 – Winter – #117

            Content: The basis of a human rights complaint, regarding exemptions, through an Application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, which includes a case summary.  An abbreviated history of corruption in political parties and government is outlined in 17

2015 – Fall – #116

            Contents include survey results from a Vector Research poll commissioned by OSSTF; plus the background to exemptions from religious courses and programs by a prominent Roman Catholic school supporter.

2015 – Spring – #115

            The lead article, “Small print, big stakes”, first appeared in the January 2015 issue of the United Church Observer magazine, written by Luc Rinaldi and reprinted with his permission.  The article subject is about exemptions from religious courses and programs in Roman Catholic separate high schools.


Headline refers to retired Liberal, Roman Catholic politician who admits that RC separate schools should not receive public funds.  It is political suicide to propose public funds for religious schools.  The Canadian Museum For Human Rights (CMHR) and the successful shaming of Ontario through bus shelter ads near the CHRM


Headline refers to our legal confirmation that students in Roman Catholic high schools can be exempt from taking religion courses and participation in religious liturgies.  The other main item is an update on OSSTF’s work group for one secular school system.


On pages 1 to 3, the headline “OSSTF to lobby for one secular school system” outlines the Federation’s new initiative.    Page 4 is an essay entitled  “Time for one school system for Ontario”  by Michelle Zimic.   Page 6 illustrates that ” A Billion dollars is a lot of money.”


Headline “Extra Annual cost of separate schools is up to $1.4 Billion”  uses Ministry figures to make the calculation – Pages 1-4.   Services sacrificed to support RC separate schools  are outlined on Page 5   and Ontario’s shameful head tax — $141 per taxpayer per year  – is calculated on Page 7.   A survey shows that “Support for RC funding at a new low”, at 39%  Page 8



The long and twisted tail travelled by a citizen in order to force a Roman Catholic high school to obey the law of the province and obtain an exemption from religious programs and courses for his child.   Pages 1 to 8

Fall 2012-11-#109

For the school year Sept 2009 to June 2010 the extra annual cost of RC separate schools reached  $3.4 Billion  Pages 1 to 4   Reasons to remove RC separate funding  Page 5


Summer-2011    #108

Ontario Green party chose oblivion   Pages 1 & 2.   The business about prayer in public schools  Pages 4 to 6


Spring 2011-2    #107

Who controls the curriculum in publicly-funded schools, the Ministry, or RC Bishops?  Pages 1 to 4.   Letter & response to education Minister  Page 5



“Equity and Inclusive Education in Ontario Schools”  Pages 1 to 4.   Rumblings from Alberta re a single school system  Pages 6 & 7



“The Quebec example – church-led Catholic Education”  Page 1.   Monkey business re high-school graduation credits in separate high schools  Pages 2 & 3.   The separate school support lease  Pages 4 & 5.  Religion in the public domain – Quebec’s experience  Page 6



“Our Dirty Secret – Exposed”  Pages 1 to 6.  ONDP report on Education Funding  Pages 6 & 7.



Roman Catholic separate-school propaganda publication contains  Misinformation  Pages 1 to 5.   Social division in action – another example  Port Dover  Page 7



At home and abroad  Pages 1 to 5.   The lobbying game  Page 6.   Mattawa – all over again,  this time it’s Espanola  Page 7


2009-11-Fall-#101-Cartoon    #101

Share your story.  Canadian Museum for Human Rights  Pgs 1- 3.   Not of RC faith – forced to quit   Pages 3 & 4.         Social division in Mattawa  Page 5.            Public school support 68%  Religious-based schools 32%  Page 8


2009-09-Summer   #100

We need a modern-day Joseph Howe  Pages 1 & 2.   Bill Davis & reaction  Pages 3 to 5.  Community Schools Alliance  Page 6

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