What We Do

Educate Ontarians about the issues that affect education

We have researched the history of changes in education funding, researched the costs, the legalities, and the human rights issues.

Political actions to effect policy change

We have put the government on notice through our United Nations submissions, we have written a book, and sent copies of newsletters to MPPs, MPs and Senators. We now work with any political party to promote one secular public school system.

Community activism to help spread the word

We encourage local activists to confront their local public school board, confront their local MPP, and to write letters to the editor of local newspapers to keep the issue before the public.

What You Can Do

As our membership has matured, we have been able to pick out certain actions which we felt might bolster our cause; actions either by head office or by individuals.  Some have involved fundraising which has always been successful.  Our main aim is to keep the public informed and in many ventures we have been very successful.  But public opinion does not seem to move politicians.

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