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Joining us will add your name to our mailing list for a newsletter which is published whenever there is an item of sufficient interest to convey to the membership. For about every four newsletters published, we ask for a fee of $20 which is used to cover newsletter printing and mailing costs and fund various initiatives. (Only about a third of our membership have an e-mail address.)   See the Actions Taken page for a summary of what we have done.  If you wish to join us, send your $20 plus any donation you wish to add, to: CRIPE, Box 491, Pembroke ON,  K8A 6X7

On provision of an e-mail address, you will also be added to periodic CRIPE Messages by e-mail which usually take the form of reference to a newspaper article from across the province which is associated with our concerns.

The government knows that if it wishes to keep certain devious actions quiet, it will initiate those actions one at a time. In this way communities find it difficult to find others in the same position and at the same time. It is therefore difficult to combine in strength to oppose the government move. But if you are informed by CRIPE, then the membership can combine to add strength to a protest. The CRIPE Messages and the newsletter will keep everyone informed.

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